Carside accessory

Material : Stainless steel #304 with barrel polishing. Pressed logo.
Stainless Eye hook bolt
EPDM rubber

Made in Japan

「愛車のそばでキャンプをしたい」そんなスタイルに合わせた車体の雨樋に装着できる専用フック。オールステンレス製の重厚感とバレル研磨の美しい仕上がり。大人の遊び心をくすぐる取り付けやすいギミック。愛車のグローブボックスに入れておけば、いつでもCarsideにportable villa。




Pitch the tarp at Carside


Stainless steel finished by barrel polishing


It can be easily installed




Carside accessory


  • 0.5 kg
  • お届け日数:1~3日

使用上のご注意 - Important Safety Instructions
The product will be fitted on the rain gutters of car. Please do not use for any other purposes.
List of vehicles which are compatible : Mercedes-Benz G-class W460 and W463, Jeep Wrangler, Volvo240

Please refer to the rain gutter cross section.
After use, clean it and dry it up properly. If you clean it with water after use, dry it properly and store it at a well-ventilated area.
In case it is deformed, please stop using it for your safety.
Do not drive your car while fit the product.
The product is made of stainless steel. However, it might be rusty depending on your use situation or storage condition.
Please pay special attention if your children use the product.